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It is hard to believe that the online bingo games we enjoy today actually started way back in 1530, when an Italian lottery called "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia" formed the basis for our modern-day game. Fast forward almost 400 years to 1929 when the game reached North America at a carnival near Atlanta, Georgia, where it became known as "Beano". The country fair game had a dealer who would select numbered discs from a cigar box while the participating players would mark their cards with beans. The excited and victorious shout of "Beano!" by the winning player eventually became today's exclamation of "Bingo!"

And now thanks to the global reach of the World Wide Web, players can enjoy a wide variety of bingo games online which offer a wonderful sense of community, and still deliver the tension and excitement that builds with each successive number called. You can fire up your mobile PC or smartphone and play any time night or day, and today online bingo games offer both free and paid options. Launched back in 1996, one of the first online bingo games was a free play game called Bingo Zone, which required players to input demographic information. And the first pure video bingo which was the most familiar ancestor to today's online offerings is BoomBingo, which still operates their own website and also has a popular Facebook application. USA online bingo has joined the ranks of respected gambling venues, such as USA online casinos gaming, USA online poker gaming, and USA online sports game wagering.

Just how popular has playing bingo games online become? Internet bingo had revenues of over $1 billion in 2010 on a worldwide basis, and this is one unique online gaming option which is driven primarily by female players. Many estimates show that as much as 70% of all bingo players online are women, and it is obvious from the financial data we just showed that these ladies definitely enjoy playing for money as well as relaxing with some free play online bingo games. Millions of people around the world play bingo games online for pleasure and profit, and many of the wonderful traits found in land-based bingo halls can still be enjoyed on the Internet. Surprisingly bingo has emerged as one of the popular online gambling platforms, and has finally made its way to be recognized in the USA online gaming community.

What began as a carnival offering quickly moved to brick-and-mortar bingo halls where dozens and even hundreds of players gathered to enjoy their game with like-minded people, and also engage in some friendly chit chat while the game was being played. And that same desire to carry on a conversation while playing this very simple but addictive game has now made its way to bingo games online, where virtual bingo halls like South Beach Bingo have added chat rooms where you can talk with players who are simultaneously logged in all over the world. The sense of community is also found, with many sites posting photo albums filled with pictures of their players and complete profile information.

From a cigar box, paper cards and beans played at carnivals, to the many faces the virtual environment offers today, what began as a fun country fair contest now enjoys 24/7 virtual access all around the world. The Internet is currently enjoying an explosion of bingo games online, and the popularity of the World Wide Web version of this luck-centered game is currently at a peak that physical bingo games enjoyed in the 1970s. With the ability to chat with other players around the world, one click access night and day, and the anonymity of playing from the privacy and comfort of your couch or mobile PC with both free and paid options, the simplistic yet addictive nature of online bingo games appeals to a worldwide audience.

Following are our recommended online bingo sites, each of which has proven their worth to be included here with their generous bonus offers, their user friendly and innovative player interface, and their overall exceptional online bingo gaming experience.

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