USA Online Lottery Games

Online lottery games which allow you to participate in the largest and most popular multimillion dollar lotteries in the world have their early history dating all the way back to the third century BC. The earliest proof we have of a lottery game are keno slips which date to the Chinese Han Dynasty between approximately 205 and 187 BC. And ever since that time, the allure of receiving a massive financial windfall from an incredibly small monetary outlay has grown to the point where the largest lotteries offered in the world consistently deliver $100 million paydays.

Unlike USA online casino games, US friendly poker sites, and online sports games wagering for US players, which for the most part are located and regulated outside of the United States, online lottery agents are perfectly legal to operate within the US. The DOJ has declared that it is not illegal to purchase lottery tickets online for USA players, hence we are not restricted to legally licensed offshore options for online lottery ticket purchase.

And now thanks to the combination of the global reach of the Internet and the physical ability of messenger services, it is possible to play the biggest and most popular lottery games online without leaving your home, and possibly win a life altering jackpot. Traditionally, you had to travel to a physical retail outlet to purchase tickets in the Mega Millions, Powerball or other lottery contest. But that was before some savvy entrepreneurs decided to use messenger services located around the globe to physically purchase your tickets on your behalf.

Your name is then written on those tickets, they are scanned, and the resultant images with your lucky numbers are e-mailed to you. Sites like allow access to lottery games online from your favorite PC or smartphone any time night or day, immediately putting every human being with an Internet connection within reach USA lottery games, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Florida Lottery, and also global games like Spain's popular La Primitiva lottery, and Europe's Euromillions as well as others.

Of course, these websites charge a nominal fee, but the player who previously had no access to any lottery other than those offered in his or her city or town now can reach out to any online lottery games which are offered worldwide. Aside from having 24/7 access without leaving your easy chair or couch, there are other benefits which playing lottery games online provide that are not as easily accessed in the "real world". is one site that specializes in offering syndicate play in the world's largest and most popular lotteries. Basically, your ticket purchases are added to those of other players in your syndicate or group, giving you a vastly improved chance of winning. If any one single person in your syndicate wins any prize, it is distributed among all players.

Obviously this type of group lottery play improves your odds and cuts down your financial risk, and many estimates say that as many as one in three lottery jackpots are won by a lottery syndicate. Playing lottery games online also provides the time advantage, because you only need a couple of minutes to log into your account and purchase your tickets. In the real-world environment, you have to travel to a land-based lottery retailer, wait in line, and hope you make it in time to buy tickets before the next big draw. These are never a concern with online lottery games, and with possible jackpots like the $656 million which was split between three winning tickets after the March 30, 2012 Mega Millions drawing, the popularity of playing lottery games online doesn't look to fade any time soon. Online lottery games seem to have established a strong presence in the USA online gaming community.

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