Legal USA Football Betting On the Internet

Legal US based online gambling has arrived for many American citizens, but that does not include football betting for real money. When the US Justice Department decided to legalize many forms of online gambling in late 2011, they did not include legalization of betting on football games at the college and professional levels. While this may sound like a problem for US football betting aficionados and lovers of the game of football that like to make the game more interesting with a small wager, it actually did not affect the legally licensed offshore sportsbooks which already delivered USA sports betting options for American residents and visitors.

Some jurisdictions around the world have a much more friendly attitude towards football sports betting than the United States does. This is actually sort of odd, since the two most popular USA football betting options are offered by the NCAAF and the NFL, two US-based football institutions. But by obtaining legal licensing in these gambling friendly jurisdictions, offshore sportsbooks can legitimately offer dependable, safe and secure gambling options for U.S. players. This means that betting on the NFL Super Bowl or NCAA Football National Championship Game has been and is still available for sports lovers in the United States, as well as around the world.

And for those veteran sports gamblers familiar with football betting, all of your usual options are present. This means you can place bets on most college and pro football regular season and playoff games, you can choose a side, line or total, and many legitimate offshore sportsbooks now offer an exciting new way to enjoy US football betting. This breakthrough offering is called "live betting" and also "in-game betting", and it offers wagering opportunities which allow you to place bets in the middle of football games. Traditional pre-kickoff events are still offered, but many times in the middle of a football game, things happen which deliver very attractive betting circumstances. And now you can take advantage of those cases during live game play with this new option.

We are dedicated to keeping you informed about all USA online gaming circumstances that offer real money gambling for US residents and visitors. That means that if nationwide or state legislation arrives in the future which makes USA football betting legal when offered by an American based company, we will inform you immediately. Currently that is not the case, but this legitimate offshore sportsbook option allows safe and secure betting on football games at the collegiate and professional level, and we only recommend those particular sites which have been certified and licensed where Internet gambling is legal.

Smart gamblers who enjoy betting on football in the United States want to first and foremost do so in a legal fashion. Just ask all of the online poker players who had their accounts frozen on Black Friday back in 2011, because of banking irregularities practiced by the poker rooms they played at, how frustrating that was. That is why you want to stick to legitimate and legally licensed sportsbooks which have been registered in online gambling jurisdictions to deliver Internet gambling options to American and international players. All of the sportsbooks listed on this page have been legitimately licensed, they all support players from the US as well as worldwide US football betting aficionados, and they all offer competitive lines and the latest betting options.

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